Medical cannabis can reduce medications and improve your quality of life

We offer dignified access to legal medical cannabis

Our Mission

The driving force behind Phytomedical is fast, safe access to Cannabis as medicine. We are dedicated to making the process of getting and using safe medicine for your condition as seamless as possible.

Our Team

Phytomedical has a team made up of people from various backgrounds, that’s what makes us special and able to help in all the aspects of your cannabis journey. We are a holistic clinic, and we follow the number one rule of medicine, to “Do no harm”. We offer other treatments in the clinic such as acupuncture, registered massage and herbal medicine.

We keep current on areas such as:

  • The latest laws and legal news
  • The best ways to treat yourself
  • Safe ways to use cannabis
  • Cannabis science

Find out if medical cannabis is right for you

We offer a free consultation where you can find out if medical cannabis is right for your medical condition.

Holistic Health Services

Along with offering assistance for medical cannabis prescriptions, we also offer other health services such as acupunctur, registered massage and herbal medicine

Get Legally Licensed

Let us cut through the confusion surrounding medical cannabis. There is only one legal way to get access. Get your legal prescription today.